Node.js Mastery: 10 Multiple-Choice Questions to Test Your Knowledge.


Top 10 M.C.Q:- Questions and Answers for improving and understanding Node JS Programming Language. Learn and Understand Node JS Programming Language like Pro.

1. Question: What is Node.js primarily used for?

A. Front-end web development

B. Building mobile applications

C. Server-side scripting

D. Database management

Correct Answer: C

2. Question: Which JavaScript engine is used by Node.js?

A. V8

B. SpiderMonkey

C. Rhino

D. Chakra

Correct Answer: A

3. Question: What is the Node.js package manager called?

A. npm

B. njs

C. nodepm

D. nmp

Correct Answer: A

4. Question: In Node.js, which module is commonly used for handling file operations?

A. fs

B. file-io

C. io

D. file-system

Correct Answer: A

5. Question: What is the purpose of the Node.js "require" function?

A. To export a module

B. To include external libraries or modules

C. To declare a variable

D. To create a new function

Correct Answer: B

6. Question: Which event-driven architecture is used in Node.js?

A. Multithreading

B. Asynchronous

C. Synchronous

D. Sequential

Correct Answer: B

7. Question: What is a "callback" function in the context of Node.js?

A. A function that adds numbers together

B. A function that executes another function when an operation is completed

C. A function that logs messages to the console

D. A function that handles user input

Correct Answer: B

8. Question: In Node.js, which module is used for creating web servers?

A. http

B. web-server

C. server.js

D. net

Correct Answer: A

9. Question: Which tool can be used for debugging Node.js applications?

A. Node Debugger

B. Node Analyze

C. Node Inspector

D. Node Profiler

Correct Answer: C

10. Question: What is the Node.js event loop?

**A. A loop for iterating through arrays** 
 **B. A mechanism for handling asynchronous operations** 
 **C. A loop for displaying messages to the user** 
 **D. A loop for parsing JSON data** 
 **Correct Answer: B**

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