JavaScript Mastery: 10 Multiple-Choice Questions to Test Your Knowledge.


Top 10 M.C.Q:- Questions and Answers for improving and understanding JavaScript Coding. Learn and Understand JavaScript Coding like Pro.

1. Question: What is JavaScript primarily used for?

A. Creating and styling web pages

B. Writing server-side applications

C. Adding interactivity and functionality to web pages

D. Managing databases

Correct Answer: C

2. Question: Which of the following is a valid way to declare a variable in JavaScript?

A. let myVar = 10;

B. myVar := 10;

C. var myVar = 10;

D. myVar = 10;

Correct Answer: A

3. Question: What is the purpose of the console.log() function in JavaScript?

A. To perform mathematical calculations

B. To create a new variable

C. To display output in the browser's console

D. To define functions

Correct Answer: C

4. Question: Which operator is used for strict equality comparison in JavaScript?

A. ==

B. ===

C. !=

D. !==

Correct Answer: B

5. Question: What is an array in JavaScript?

A. A collection of objects

B. A collection of functions

C. A collection of variables

D. A collection of values, usually of the same data type

Correct Answer: D

6. Question: How do you create a function in JavaScript?

A. Using the func keyword

B. Using the function keyword

C. Using the var keyword

D. Functions cannot be created in JavaScript

Correct Answer: B

7. Question: What is an example of an event in JavaScript?

A. A variable declaration

B. A function call

C. A button click

D. A mathematical operation

Correct Answer: C

8. Question: How do you add comments in JavaScript code?

A. // This is a comment

B. <!-- This is a comment -->

C. / This is a comment /

D. 'This is a comment'

Correct Answer: A

9. Question: What is the purpose of the if statement in JavaScript?

A. To define a function

B. To perform a loop

C. To make decisions and execute code conditionally

D. To declare a variable

Correct Answer: C

10. Question: Which JavaScript method is used to change the content of an HTML element?

**A. `modifyElement()`** 
 **B. `changeContent()`** 
 **C. `innerHTML` property** 
 **D. `alterElement()`** 
 **Correct Answer: C**

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