HTML Mastery: A Comprehensive Quiz on Hypertext Markup Language and Web Development.


Top 10:- Questions and Answers for improving and understanding HTML Language. Learn and Understand HTML Language like Pro.

1. Question: What does HTML stand for?

Answer: HTML stands for "Hypertext Markup Language."

2. Question: What is the main purpose of HTML in web development?

Answer: The main purpose of HTML is to structure content on web pages, defining elements like headings, paragraphs, links, and lists.

3. Question: Which HTML tag is used to create a hyperlink?

Answer: The <a> tag is used to create hyperlinks in HTML.

4. Question: What does the "DOCTYPE" declaration in HTML do?

Answer: The "DOCTYPE" declaration specifies the version of HTML being used and helps the browser render the web page correctly.

5. Question: How do you create a numbered list in HTML?

Answer: To create a numbered list, use the <ol> (ordered list) element, and wrap list items in <li> (list item) elements.

6. Question: What HTML element is used for defining the structure of a table?

Answer: The <table> element is used to define the structure of a table in HTML.

7. Question: How do you add comments in an HTML document?

Answer: Comments in HTML are added using the <!-- to start the comment and --> to end it. For example: <!-- This is a comment -->.

8. Question: What is the purpose of the HTML <meta> tag?

Answer: The <meta> tag is used to provide metadata about the HTML document, such as character encoding, author information, and viewport settings.

9. Question: What is the HTML entity code for the copyright symbol (©)?

Answer: The HTML entity code for the copyright symbol is &copy;.

10. Question: How do you create a line break in HTML?

**Answer:** To create a line break, use the `<br>` tag. It doesn't require a closing tag, e.g., `<br>`.

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