C++ Programming Challenge: 10 Multiple-Choice Questions to Test Your Knowledge.


Top 10 M.C.Q:- Questions and Answers for improving and understanding C++ Programming. Learn and Understand C++ Programming like Pro.

1. Question: What is C++?

A. A programming language for web development

B. An extension of the C programming language

C. A markup language for defining web layouts

D. A database management system

Correct Answer: B

2. Question: In C++, what is the purpose of the cin object?

A. To display output on the console

B. To read input from the user

C. To define functions

D. To perform mathematical calculations

Correct Answer: B

3. Question: Which of the following is not a valid data type in C++?

A. int

B. float

C. string

D. char

Correct Answer: C

4. Question: What is the symbol used to declare a single-line comment in C++?

A. //

B. //

C. #

D. --

Correct Answer: A

5. Question: In C++, how do you declare a constant variable?

A. Using the let keyword

B. Using the const keyword

C. Using the var keyword

D. Constants cannot be declared in C++

Correct Answer: B

6. Question: What is the purpose of the new operator in C++?

A. To create a new C++ program

B. To allocate memory dynamically

C. To declare a new variable

D. To perform type casting

Correct Answer: B

7. Question: What is the inheritance concept in C++?

A. A way to create multiple copies of a class

B. A way to share properties and behaviors of one class with another

C. A way to protect data in a class

D. A way to create new data types

Correct Answer: B

8. Question: What is the output of the following code in C++?

int x = 5; int y = x++; cout << y;

A. 5

B. 6

C. 4

D. The code has a syntax error

Correct Answer: A

9. Question: In C++, what is a constructor?

A. A function used to destroy objects

B. A function used to copy objects

C. A special member function used to initialize objects

D. A function used to compare objects

Correct Answer: C

10. Question: What is the purpose of the vector container in C++?

**A. To store key-value pairs** 
**B. To create linked lists** 
**C. To store a dynamic array of elements** 
**D. To define classes** 
**Correct Answer: C**

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