MongoDB Mastery: 10 Multiple-Choice Questions to Test Your Knowledge.


Top 10 M.C.Q:- Questions and Answers for improving and understanding MongoDB Database. Learn and Understand MongoDB Database like Pro.

1. Question: What type of database is MongoDB?

A. Relational database

B. Document database

C. Graph database

D. Key-Value database

Correct Answer: B

2. Question: What does BSON stand for in MongoDB?

A. Binary Structured Object Notation

B. Basic String Object Notation

C. Binary JSON

D. Binary Object Storage System

Correct Answer: C

3. Question: In MongoDB, which command is used to create a new database?


B. db.createDatabase()



Correct Answer: B

4. Question: What is the primary unit of data storage in MongoDB?

A. Document

B. Table

C. Field

D. Collection

Correct Answer: A

5. Question: In MongoDB, which operator is used to query documents based on specific conditions?

A. $query

B. $filter

C. $find

D. $match

Correct Answer: D

6. Question: What is the purpose of the "_id" field in a MongoDB document?

A. To store the document's creation date

B. To store the document's author

C. To uniquely identify the document within a collection

D. To define the document's schema

Correct Answer: C

7. Question: Which MongoDB operation is used to update documents in a collection?

A. db.update()

B. db.modify()

C. db.updateOne()

D. db.updateMany()

Correct Answer: C

8. Question: What is the purpose of an index in MongoDB?

A. To store binary data

B. To define the database schema

C. To improve query performance

D. To create nested documents

Correct Answer: C

9. Question: In MongoDB, which command is used to remove a document from a collection?

A. db.delete()

B. db.remove()

C. db.deleteOne()

D. db.removeOne()

Correct Answer: B

10. Question: What type of data structure does MongoDB use to store documents?

**A. JSON** 
**B. XML** 
**C. CSV** 
**D. YAML** 
**Correct Answer: A**

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