What is Photoshop?

Even though you've never worked along with images on your pc, you may have noticed of Adobe Photoshop. Obtainable for both Windows plus Mac, Adobe Photoshop will be an extremely powerful software that's used by numerous professional photographers and developers. You can use Photoshop for almost any type of picture editing, from touching upward photos to creating high-quality images.

What is Photoshop?

Actually Photoshop has so numerous features that it might actually be too effective for many users. It can also very expensive, so unless you need to edit photos or graphics professionally it may not be the best option for you.

About this tutorial


Since Photoshop is generally suitable for professionals, it can end up being somewhat challenging to employ, especially when you're learning that for the first moment. However, you should not understand just about all of Photoshop's features to be able to make using it effectively. Throughout this specific tutorial, we'll enable you to know the most basic in addition to essential Photoshop skills. We will provide links to additional tutorials if you wish to find out about advanced tools and strategies.

We will be using Photoshop CC throughout this tutorial to be able to show you Photoshop's characteristics. If you're utilising an more mature version of Photoshop—like Photoshop CS6 or earlier—some characteristics may work a lttle bit in different ways, however you should still end up being able to follow alongside. Yet , if you're applying Photoshop Elements, it's crucial to note that several of the features we all cover may be missing or work in a different way. We'll talk more about Photoshop Elements in the next lesson.