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Litecoin Tutorial

Hi, everyone! Welcome to our own “What is Litecoin? ” guide!

Considering that the birth of Bitcoin inside 2009, a great many other coins have got entered the blockchain industry. Each coin believes they give something better, which is often related to speed, service fees or scalability.

One of these simple coins is Litecoin, that was created in 2011. The aim is to become a lighter version associated with Bitcoin. Did you understand that Litecoin’s transaction occasions are 4 times faster compared to Bitcoin’s!? That’s right, plus not only that, they’re cheaper too!

Should you be reading this guide, after that you must still be wondering “What is Litecoin? ”. Well, hold on because I’m going to tell you everything you need to know!

1st, we will give a person some background information regarding the particular Litecoin blockchain, and the reason why it was created. After that, we will explain its purpose.

You happen to be also going to find out how the technology helping Litecoin works and several information on its safety – both the very good plus the bad.

Therefore , by the ending regarding this guide on “What is Litecoin? ” an individual will almost be a great expert! What are an individual waiting for? Let’s learn how the Litecoin blockchain started out!