Backing Up Your Catalog

The last step of the process is always to close Lightroom. When you do, you may possibly notice a box pop up of which looks something just like this:-

Backing Up Your Catalog

This is Backup Dialogue. Whether it doesn’t show for you, go to typically the menu at the top of your screen:- Lightroom > Catalog Settings > General > Back Up Catalog > Every Time Lightroom Exits.

This can be a very useful step for taking. Although you don’t actually want to back up Lightroom every single time that you close it and, personally, I actually often click on the “Skip this time” option it’s anything you should be doing with regularity.

Exactly why? There are few reasons.

1st, as Lightroom lets you know, this doesn’t actually back up your photos. Instead, it backs up Lightroom’s catalog file typically the catalog file of which contains every edit, star rating, label, collection, keyword, and setting that you have chosen for every of your photos. It may be a huge deal. In order to back up your pictures and you should you’ll need a separate backup service or perhaps hard drive to do so.

Simply by backing up the particular catalog, if something horrible ever happens, you are able to revert back again to an old version. The backed-up catalog won’t have all of your latest edits, but it will certainly be much better than nothing.

Also, since the Lightroom catalog is the surprisingly small file, there’s no actual harm in backing it up regularly. As said before, mine is only 300 megabytes in size, that is approximately the same of roughly seven RAW photographs from the camera.

Constantly leave the “Test integrity” and “Optimize catalog” options turned up, just because they can’t cause any harm, and they will only add a second or two to the total backup time. The other option the folder that youre backing up to should also be self-explanatory.