Learn JavaScript Tutorial


Our personal JavaScript Tutorial is manufactured for beginners and specialists both. JavaScript works extremely well to be able to create client-side dynamic web pages.

JavaScript is obviously an object-based scripting vocabulary which can be light and cross-platform.

JavaScript is usually not a compiled terminology, but it is a new translated language. The JavaScript Translator (embedded in typically the browser) is in demand of translating the JavaScript code for the net browser.

Application of JavaScript

JavaScript can be used to create active websites. It is generally used for:

  • Client-side approval,
  • Dynamic drop-down menus,
  • Exhibiting date and time,
  • Exhibiting pop-up windows and discussion boxes (like a warn discussion box, confirm dialog container and prompt dialog box),
  • Displaying clocks and so forth.

JavaScript Example

document.write("Hello JavaScript by YoLearnOnline");


An in depth explanation of first JavaScript example is given within next chapters.