Bat Token

Bat Token Tutorial

Imagine if I told you of which there is a solution to almost eradicate any electronic digital scamming and fraud? Moreover – this isn’t a new thing for the future or typically the ‘never’ land. No, Im talking about something of which is definitely approachable and implementable by persons like an individual and me. I’m discussing about the Basic Focus Token.

A few, after hearing about the particular features of the token, might immediately write it away as a type of a few sort of a rip-off or trickery. You couldn’t blame them, though. The particular absence of a 3rd party in the three-way connection between users, marketers and publishers do seem like something from a dream. But rest assured : after you read this manual, you’ll see that this isn’t only possible – this already exists! And truthfully, the premise behind this is pretty simple!

With this guide, I will inform you about the “BAT” – what, how this was created, what it is used for, and therefore on. So without additional ado, let’s jump correct in!